An ATLAS of A-to-I RNA editing events in human and other organisms

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The largest RNA editing resource for human and other organisms

RNA editing is a co-/post-transcriptional molecular phenomenon whereby a genetic message is modified from the corresponding DNA template by means of substitutions, insertions and/or deletions. In mammals, it mainly involves the deamination of adenosines to inosines by the family of ADAR enzymes acting on double RNA strands. A-to-I RNA editing has a plethora of biological effects depending on the RNA region involved in the modification. REDIportal is a freely available database collecting more than 4.5 millions of A-to-I events in 55 body sites of 150 healthy individuals from GTEx project. In REDIportal, RNA Editing sites can be searched by genomic region, gene name and other relevant features as the tissue of origin. Query results are shown in sortable and downloadable tables in which the main characteristics of individual RNA editing events are reported. Unlike other collections, we provide RNA-Seq and DNA-Seq coverage per site as well as the RNA editing levels. Since August 2018, REDIportal will start collecting A-to-I events in non human organisms. To look at mouse editing events, click on "Search-Mouse" web page.