An ATLAS of A-to-I RNA editing events in human and other organisms

Welcome To REDIportal V2.0

The largest RNA editing resource for human and other organisms V2.0

RNA editing is a relevant epitranscriptomic phenomenon by which primary RNAs are modified by base substitutions, insertions and/or deletions. In humans and other mammals, it mainly involves the deamination of adenosines to inosines by the ADAR family of enzymes acting on double RNA strands. A-to-I RNA editing has a plethora of biological effects and its deregulation has been linked to several human disorders. To better investigate A-to-I editing in eukaryotes, we have updated our already rich REDIportal catalogue (4.5 millions), raising its collection to about 16 millions of events. REDIportal V2.0 is based on 9642 human RNAseq samples from 549 individuals (31 tissues and 54 body sites) of the GTEx project. Now users can search at position level (by providing a genomic region or a gene name) and at sample level (by providing at a sample accession name) to have an overview of RNA editing per RNAseq experiment. REDIportal V2.0 implements a Gene View module to look at individual events in their genic context and hosts the CLAIRE resource (Pubmed). REDIportal V2.0 officially starts collecting RNA editing in non-human organisms. It currently stores 107,094 A-to-I mouse events from nascent RNAseq data (Pubmed).