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Welcome to the PMDB Protein Model DataBase, which collects three dimensional protein models obtained by structure prediction methods.
Users can both contribute new models and search for existing ones. The database currently stores all models submitted to the last four editions of the CASP experiment.

PMDB is a joint project between CASPUR and the Biocomputing group of the Department of Biochemical Sciences of the University of Rome "La Sapienza".

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PMDB is supported by the EU funded BioSapiens Network of Excellence, contract number LHSG-CT-203-503265, and by the AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research) funded BICG Project "Bioinformatics tools for identifying, understanding and attacking targets in cancer"  

We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of all authors who have submitted their models.

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  • January, 1st 2006

    Nucleic Acids Research published the first paper describing PMDB

  • October, 3rd 2005

    Poster presented at ECCB05

  • April, 12th 2005

    It is now possible to upload models in CASP like AL format.

Last Update: January, 1st 2006