Array ( ) PMDB - Protein Model DataBase


 January, 1st 2006

       - NAR database issue 2006 includes the paper first describing PMDB.
         The database has also been included in the online Molecular Biology
         Database Collection (link), where a short description is available.

 October, 3rd 2005

       - Poster presented at ECCB05: The PMDB Protein Model Database.

 April, 12th 2005

       - It is now possible to upload models in CASP like AL format. These models
         will be automatically converted through the AL2TS program, which has been
         kindly provided by the Protein Structure Prediction Center (K. Fidelis's group)
         at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

 March, 23th 2005

       - Now we can store text files containing alignments to support your models.
          Sequence alignments in the following formats are currently supported:

 February, 9th 2005

       - Free registration procedure available.
         An e-mail address is required so that you will be notified of user name and password.

       - The submission engine now accepts models for multichain targets.

 December, 23th 2004

       - Predictors can now ask their models to be kept on hold for up to six
         months after deposition.

       - Added an icon    to zip and download all the models associated with
         a single target and retrieved through a query.

 December, 17th 2004

       - In every search result the icon    will link to the native
         structure of the target,if available, deposited in the Protein DataBank

       - New graphical map to visualize which target regions are modelled by each
         available prediction.