Current MitoZoa DB: Release 10 (14-DEC-2011)

Database Aim

MitoZoa is a specialized database collecting complete and nearly-complete (longer than 7 kb) mtDNA entries of metazoan species, excluding Placozoa. One representative entry is present for those metazoan species/subspecies for which the mtDNA has been sequenced in several individuals. MitoZoa contains curated entries, whose gene annotation has been significantly improved using a semi-automatic reannotation pipeline and by manual curation of mitogenomics experts.
MitoZoa has been specifically designed to address comparative analyses of mitochondrial genomic features in a given metazoan group or in species belonging to the same genus (congeneric species). MitoZoa focuses on mitochondrial gene order, non-coding regions, gene content, and gene sequences.

Mitozoa Entry Format

MitoZoa entries are provided in two different formats: the MZ and the EMBL-like format.

The MZ (MitoZoa) format is a tabular format specifically designed for storing information on type and source of reannotations, and for emphasizing commonly hidden mitochondrial features. All fields modified or added to the original EMBL/RefSeq entries are shown in red and flagged by a "Modification Code" reported in square brackets (see Mcode in Table 2 of the online Help page). The new fields of the MZ format are described below:

1) The "MitoZoa Reannotation Summary", included in the comment field, briefly lists and comments all modifications of the original entries. It also includes a standardized message to indicate the entry AC number whose annotation was modified by MitoZoa (it can be a EMBL/Genbank/DDBJ or a RefSeq entry), and any other AC number containing exactly the same sequence.

2) The new FTkey "NCR", included in the Feature Table, is used to annotate all non-coding region sequences (NCR). This FTkey is always associated to the new FTqualifier "Code" that denotes the NCR with a code related to: species, flanking genes, and NCR length (see "NCR menu" section). By default, only NCRs with length ≥ 10 bp are shown in the MZ format, however a "NCR threshold" text box can be used to display NCRs with a length higher than a user-defined value. To show all annotated NCRs, the threshold has to be fixed to 1.

3) Genome length, molecule topology, and used genetic code are each reported in a specific field, further stressing information already present in the original entry.

4) The "MZ" field reports the date of entry creation/last update and the MitoZoa release.

5) The "ConGeneric species" field reports the count and AC number list of all MitoZoa entries belonging to a given genus.

The EMBL-like format of MitoZoa contains the following new fields/FTkeys:

MZ (MitoZoa date): date of entry creation/update and database release
GT (Genetic code Table): table number of the used genetic code, according to the NCBI Genetic Code web page
CG (ConGeneric species): list of all available mtDNAs belonging to congeneric species
CC (Comment): summary of entry reannotations
LR (Link to Resource): MitoZoa URL and intellectual copyright
NCR (Non-Coding Region): FTkey denoting the non-coding region.
prec_ORF (precursor ORF): FTkey denoting a precursor ORF with frameshift(s), recovered by RNA editing or programmed translational frameshifting.

MitoZoa Citations

If you use information from this database, please cite:

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